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Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 25 November 2021 | 0 Comments

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25 November 2021

At  the Multi Award Winning International Caribbean World Magazine we arepassionate about Britain and feel proudly and deeply connected to the values and character of its incredible people. 

There is something very unique about the British People. Something special, and difficult to quantify. Sure, they boast the ingenuity, work ethics and pride of a typical Island nation - but in Britain, there is so much more. Countries around the world rush to identify with, and to support, Britain and its people such is the lure of its history, influence, inheritance, cultural traditions, and cherished and respected national icons and institutions. 

They may well be famous worldwide for their charming stoicism and a vehement belief that a cup of tea is the only appropriate response to a crisis. In reality, of course, Britons are more than pure emotional self-control they are raucous celebrants of sport, fervent and animated theatre and concert goers, loudly appreciative music fans and avid art enthusiasts. Briton is also a nation of deeply caring community-minded citizens who raise billions of pounds for charity each year - even during the lockdown challenges of a global pandemic (£11.3 billion was givento charity in Britain in 2020). 

However, some of the stereo types ring true. British People tend to be well ordered, measured, fair and precise and it true that generations were raised to “keep their chin up”. Yet a nation with more warmth, humour and generosity it would be difficult to find and it all comes bow-wrapped in polite good manners of disarming intensity. 

British People often counter-balance in difficult situations, which can appear bizarre to the uninitiated. Big-hearted compassion and neighbourliness doesn’t often come hand-in-hand with gallows humour and slapstick jibes - but in the British Isles it’s a much-used tool for managing anxiety and upset and diffusing stress. Much like the British fondness for queuing, conformity and formal process, these qualities are everywhere - in abundance. 

As a true multi-cultural nation, Britain offers freedoms to its citizens envied by millions of people around the world. Tolerant and accepting, the British people have long enjoyed a libertarian society where free speech is encouraged. Through its standards, and democracy, the island instils a robust and meaningful sense of national pride in everyone who calls the island home. Vibrant communities, such as London with its 165 nationalities, embrace the richness that multiculturalism brings to British daily life. Pale, male and stale? Not in Britain, where long-standing initiatives to add better equality and diversity opportunities to everyone Island-wide. 

To know Britain is to forma deep and lasting connection to its values, strength and character and at Caribbean World magazine we are proud to identify with, and support, Britain as a world-leading nation. We feel bnded to Britain’s truly incredible people, treasured institutions, extraordinary heritage and storied past. Together, all that is Britain is great.