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Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 20 May 2021 | 0 Comments

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20 May 2021

It’s a wow-picked refurbished Airbus A330 complete with high-tech night club, stunning glass floor and balcony!  

A stunning 'superyacht for the skies' has been unveiled by German design studio Lufthansa Technik - and much like a superyacht on the water, it isn’t cheap. The cost? It comes with a cool $430million (£325million) price tag (or thereabouts) for a wide-bodied Airbus A330 dramatically refurbished with ultra-luxurious features. 

According to Lufthansa Technik, the plane serves as a 'multifunctional exploration vessel'... that flies. The concept plane – named the ‘Explorer’ - boasts a wealth of extravagant features such as a 'flying disco', a glass floor and a balcony, which offers passengers ‘a unique view of the airport and its surroundings’ at an elevation of 13ft (4m) over the tarmac. 

The German designers revealed the concept at an official unveiling at the 2021 Dubai Airshow. An audience was wowed by amenities that include offices, a bar, a dining area and a conference space, as well as several bathrooms." The ‘Explorer’ - which also has a fitness and wellness’spa facilities- can be converted into a ‘flying hospital room’ depending on the needs of the passengers, such is the flexibility of the futuristic, pioneeringdesign.