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Flying High

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 23 January 2021 | 0 Comments

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23 January 2021

He doesn’t own a home and says he’s a habitual sofa surfer, despite being the world’s wealthiest man. Yet there is one thing Elon Musk simply cannot live without - a $66.5million private jet.

Caption Since buying the ultra-luxurious Gulf stream G650ER in 2016, Elon Musk has barely been parted from the private jet taking 250 flights a year. It’s the home he doesn’t have with four sumptuous living areas, a laboratory, 10 beige leather sofas and stylish wooden furniture.

The jet even has a Twitter account with the handle @ElonJet that tracks the private jet’s location. It Tweets to the world about where on earth Musk’s jet is landing, be it Mexico, Puerto Rico or the new Tesla headquarters in Austin,

The richest man on the planet, 50 admitted that rotates through spare bedrooms, saying that he did not spend huge sums on accommodation for himself except for his private jet. Equipped with multiple big-screen TVs, a fresh air circulation system and 195 square feet for luggage storage, Musk’s 99-foot-long luxury jet also has folding tables on the side of the aircraft that can be combined to create a large dining table for banquet dinners when guests are onboard. There’s also a VIP room with sliding doors for business meetings. All of the sofas can be converted into beds.

Musk says that his main home is a $50,000 SpaceX lease in Texas. In May 2020, Musk Tweeted that he was !Selling almost all physical items,” and that included his palatial LA home on exclusive Somera Road. He has since put five of his houses up for sale. Four Los Angeles homes were listed on Zillow as a multi-property listing valued at $62.5 million. The fifth house, located in Hillsborough, California, was listed for $35 million.