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Up, Up and Away

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 25 November 2021 | 0 Comments

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25 November 2021

In its first flight, the VoloConnect air taxi flew for more than two minutes, according to its German-based creator, Volocopter  

It was a proud day for the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) developer responsible for the gull-winged four-seat, fixed-wing longer-range air taxi. For a first flight,  two-minutes and 14-secondsis a major endorsement of the capacity for this strikingly unique “lift-and-cruise” eVTOLinnovation. 

The flight, which took place in Germany, was announced at a key mobility innovation congress in Arkansas, America. VoloConnect achieves vertical takeoff using six rotors. Two electric fans and “uplift-creating” wings propel the aircraft forward. The aircraft is designed with an expected range of60 sm (52 nm) and a cruise speed above 155 mph (135 knots).  

Aimed at business travellers and commuters,Volocopter’s aim is to work with urban transport chiefs in order to provide a solution to downtown transportation issues such as traffic congestion and excessive noise using zero-emission, low-noise aircraft that takeoff vertically and fly horizontally. VoloConnect’s flight test team has verified forward speeds up to 40 mph (35 knots) and lateral speeds up to 28 mph (24 knots). Tests include flying at low speed, transition from hover to horizontal flight and high speed cruise. The flight makes Volocopter the only eVTOL developer worldwide to have an entire fleet of distinct aircraft configurations undergoing flight tests, according to the company. Volocopter’s other two eVTOLs currently in testing include: VoloCity—a two-seat intracity air taxi with a halo of 18 rotors and a range of 35 km (19 nm)—and VoloDrone for transporting cargo. 

VoloConnectis currently aiming for certification in time to enter service in 2026.